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Treatments for babies

Many infants’ problems, such as colic, sucking difficulties, breathing problems, restlessness, irritability may result from imbalances caused during the birth process or even during the pre-natal period.  Babies respond very well to Biodynamic Craniosacral therapy and can be seen for a check up before (during pregnancy), during and any time after birth.  Any problems are generally resolved within a couple of treatments at this early age.

BabyAs a result of the contractions and passage through the birth canal, many babies will experience compression, particularly around the head and neck. The relatively soft bones of the head move during birth but don’t always return to an optimal position, leading to a variety of conditions, which usually respond easily to craniosacral treatment.

Caesarean births and those involving forceps or suction are more likely to lead to symptoms. These are often immediately obvious but sometimes don’t develop until later on. Craniosacral therapy can be beneficial to all babies even when there are no apparent symptoms.