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Trauma Treatments

trauma therapy carmarthenshireTrauma is usually held on many different levels in the body. Whether the response has been triggered by a physical event such as an injury or an operation, which has left stress in the tissues, scar tissue, (often excessive), or perhaps anaesthesia residue, there is almost always an emotional element that may be expressed as fear, shock, or exhaustion for example. Equally, where the trauma is psychological/ emotional, and especially when chronic, energy will be locked within the body, often leading to postural discomfort, nervous disorders, migraines, and many other pains and problems.

Many are surprised when they discover an old injury, which keeps flaring-up finally dissolves when we address the emotional tissue memory through Craniosacral therapy. Old physical patterns will always return if they are only treated through physical therapies such as massage or manipulation, and likewise, emotional trauma when addressed purely through talking therapies will never release the energy trapped within the tissue.

Craniosacral therapy addresses both the physical and the psychological aspects of trauma in a gentle and supportive way, allowing the release of trapped energy at an appropriate pace for the individual system. I have trained to work with trauma through Craniosacral Therapy, and have become ever more aware of the sensitivity of our matrix. Of the precarious balance within our core, and of how blessed I am to be able to help people to restore a state of well-being through this practice.