Herbal Medicine in Ceredigion

Based in Ceredigion, West Wales, as a Medical Herbalist I offer professional consultation, dietary and lifestyle advice and supply you with a personalised blend of herbal tinctures from a biodynamic grower and producer of medicinal plant extracts.  The medicine is included in the price of your first consultation. 

herbalHerbal medicine is the use of medicinal plants in the treatment of disease and for the maintenance of wellbeing.  It is the oldest form of medicine known to man and has given rise to many orthodox pharmaceutical drugs. 

A medical herbalist is able to treat a wide range of conditions, which often respond poorly to orthodox drugs, and extensive training in nutrition, pharmacology and clinical diagnostics also means that a herbalist can work well alongside your GP, countering side effects of essential drugs or lowering the required dosage.

Common disorders treated by medical herbalists include:

  • Menstrual & gynaecological problems
  • Menopause
  • Digestive and bowel disorders
  • Skin imbalances such as eczema, psoriasis, fungal infections or acne
  • Allergies and autoimmune disorders
  • Arthritis and rheumatic conditions
  • Anxiety, insomnia, depression and headaches
  • Respiratory conditions such as asthma, bronchitis, sinusitis

The Herbal Medicine consultation

The first consultation will last for about an hour, in which a thorough past and present medical history is recorded, including pulse and blood pressure and any other appropriate physical examination. You need not have a specific ailment to benefit from a herbal remedy. The body often has one system or other out of kilter, or maybe you are just a bit run down. You will be given a combination of plant extracts to last you for about two weeks, after which you return for a review. You may also be given written dietary and lifestyle advice to help you through changes, and Craniosacral therapy may be used in follow-up appointments.

In some cases consultations may be done on-line and the herbal medicines sent by post. Please email for advice regarding this service.

“The consultation was so thorough, Samvida had looked at every aspect of my health and well being, and mixed me up a potion - gentle, and yet powerful in it’s balancing effect on the body. I would go to her for Herbal Medicine any day before resorting to a ten minute visit to my GP and drugs which always seem to give side effects.”
“It’s always tempting to look up what you think you need and buy a little bottle at the health store, but you won’t be able to buy a concentration which will make much impact. A medical herbalist like samvida can prescribe a and blend a stronger tincture because they are giving a thorough consultation”

Why go to a qualified herbalist rather than self-medicate with tinctures bought over the counter or on-line? 

  • The strength of the tinctures available to me as a qualified practitioner is far higher, and will cost you less for the same or improved results
  • Following a thorough consultation taking into consideration aspects of your health and supplements taken, we blend a remedy specifically for you.