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Equine Craniosacral Therapy

Since training in Craniosacral therapy, I have become increasingly interested in working with horses and am currently working with three different sanctuaries and equine centres in East Sussex. Now based in Ceredigion, West Wales.

horses ceredigionMy hands are trained to pick up disturbances in the animals’ natural rhythms and are there to facilitate a release of tension held as tissue memory in the musculo-skeletal system or the nervous system for example, which may have been there since a recent trauma, or for most of it’s life. The treatment is a deeply relaxing and settling experience for any animal. Please contact me for further details.

“The Craniosacral treatments have transformed these young geldings from extremely nervous, antisocial ponies who if they did let you near them would bite, into relaxed, friendly boys who really enjoy human company.”

Craniosacral therapy with any animal helps to balance the nervous system and in so doing will allow a release in any of the other systems which may hold tension or chronic physical and psychological problems.

Reason to use Equine Craniosacral Therapy

Other reasons to treat your horse or small animal to Craniosacral therapy:

horses ceredigion wales– When animals need to find their place within a herd, pack or household.
– It is a good idea to have your cat or dog treated when moving to a new home, it will help it to settle.
– A horse who has been rescued (or dog) and may have been neglected or abused – the treatment helps the animal to move on from past fears.
– A horse may be overly sensitive around a certain area of it’s body for many reasons and CST can help release this tissue memory.
– A horse prone to colic or digestive problems will benefit.
– A horse with respiratory problems may benefit.
– A horse (or dog) showing signs of sacroiliac problems, scoliosis or other back problems may benefit through muscular release around these areas.

The list is endless – please call or email for specific enquiries. Animals are always treated in their home environment and therefore distance may be considered.