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samvidaswiftI started my journey as a healer in India, where I spent much of my late teens and early twenties exploring meditation and self-awareness. I later studied the principles of Ayurveda and became interested in both herbal medicine, and in the huge potential of tactile nourishment.

After spending the next ten years exploring different countries and their cultures, particularly with regard to local methods of healing and treatment philosophies, I returned to England and embarked on a lifetime of studies in the realms of healing.

By 1990 I had Diplomas in Anatomy, Physiology, and Therapeutic massage. I also went on to train in Reflexology, which I used in my voluntary work with the terminally ill.

I initially worked in the area of sports injury but became interested in posture. I realised that most of the problems that I was seeing were stemming from postural patterns. The focus of my sessions, therefore, became more holistic, and patient-oriented rather than injury/symptom-oriented

I am a Medical herbalist and holistic therapist

In 2002 I graduated with a BSc (Hons) in Medical Herbalism, which broadened my knowledge of medicine and gave me further access to treating on a holistic level. I have practiced as a herbalist from my home-based clinic for twelve years and have over a hundred different tinctures in my dispensary

Last but not least, I completed a two-year foundation course in Craniosacral therapy in 2006, and have continued to train with Biodynamic teachers such as Franklyn Sills, Badrena Tschumi Gemin, and Michael Shea.

I have worked with horses and other animals across the uk and am happy to treat my clients horses charging only for my travel